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Nonprofit Organizations:

  • Address social ills
  • Intervene when no one else will
  • Support families
  • Give people hope
  • Change lives for the better
  • Improve the human condition
  • Lift communities

The Problem

We understand the imperative to focus resources on client services and the concurrent need to educate funders, policymakers, and other constituents on the uses of public benefit funding and critical program impacts. As limited resources are usually directed to client services, the nonprofit’s work often goes unnoticed and untold, and far too often these untold success stories merely amount to numbers on a report.  Imagine capturing the stories behind your most successful case outcomes visually and dramatically for the world to see and hear.  This is EtherWorks Media’s core focus.

Hire EtherWorks Media and:

  • Raise your profile with video of your leading programs and initiatives
  • Demonstrate community impacts to wider audiences
  • Increase the sophistication of your annual reporting to funders, elected officials, and community members
  • Increase support for existing programs
  • Grow support and momentum for new programs and initiatives through visual communication

We specialize in:

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • Client Testimonials
  • Highlight Reels
  • Short Documentaries
  • Promotional Videos

We can also produce a custom annual report set to video based on your vision, mission, and goals with board members, clients, and staff.

See us as a project-based extension of your public relations and outreach functions, but only for as long as you need us.  This project-oriented relationship will save you time and money and allow you to take a surgical approach to media production for your highest priority needs and presentations.

You choose:

  • Low Budget Options
  • Medium Budget Options
  • Large Budget Options