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Video and Film Production for Nonprofit Organizations

EtherWorks Media owner and producer Tristan Wyatt is a dedicated student of TV development.  He’s passionate about the process and knows how television is made.  I have no doubt EtherWorks Media is the right choice for your production.

Stephanie Varella

TV Development Coach


A heightened level of the human condition


To facilitate provocative public interest media for television, film, and radio


Human progress through the magic of light and sound

We are trained filmmakers with high-quality cameras, lights, sound recording, and film editing equipment.  We are experienced visual storytellers who understand the value of your time and the gravity of your work.

We understand the operational challenges nonprofit organizations face in media production.  These issues often begin with a lack of time to devote to a full-blown video project and lack of skilled managers to oversee them.  Others include the inability to employ usually expensive video production professionals on a full-time basis, and funder reluctance to support media production over pressing client needs.  Our producer Tristan Wyatt has years of leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, and in working with federal, state, and local government to address a range of social and economic challenges.  EtherWorks Media can help you overcome these challenges.

Let us help you achieve your visual communication goals and enhance your good works.  Contact EtherWorks Media today.